Maria Nasir understands that style and fashion are a vital part of your lives, so we strive to bring it to your doorstep in the easiest possible way.

We are based in Norway but our dresses are made in Lahore. 

Our Latest Collection: Enigma

Embark on a time travel journey through the mystical lands of sub-continent. An epic voyage to the Mughal royalty and shimmering sands. Maria Nasir presents Enigma –the formal couture for all your festive needs. Unravel the mystery that surrounds ethnic formal attire as you glance through this exquisite Eastern collection. Breeze through a surreal combination of mesmerizing hues and innovative styles, sure to give you optimal wardrobe selections for all your special occasions. Enigma is a classical mix of traditional designs combining the signature creativity of Maria Nasir in a harmonious clash of subtle hues.

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We also have Jewelry

Artisan to finesse –the core values of Maria Nasir, the designer with a big heart, brings her finest handmade jewelry collection this holiday season. Jawaher –the Maria Nasir’s creations are as audacious as the name suggests. It is playful, with their iconic royal designs symbolizing a truly free spirit. The collection comprises of Kangan –exclusive bangle collection, Baaliyan –the exquisite earring collection, and Malika –the bridal jewelry collection. The luxurious, eminently feminine, and imperial Jawaher collection dazzles with the intricate and refinement of its details.

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Need help measuring?

Provide your body measurement and our tailors will suitably stitch the dress by adding appropriate loosening. Make sure you measure carefully and double check with it. It is a good idea to have someone else measures you. Please keep in mind that you should be wearing normal clothes or undergarments. Jeans and heavy blouses are not recommended while being measured. Lay the tape measure flat against the skin; don't pull it too tight, nor let it drop. If needed we can give you a call and help you with measuring the size. We speak Urdu, English and Norwegian.