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    About the Casual collection

    At Maria Nasir, we aim to push the envelope each year; we spend months planning, researching and developing all aspects of our collection. From the textile design to sourcing, quality assurance, development of embroideries to the shoot and communication, all teams dedicate themselves to creating a unique collection and raising the bar. We feel a sense of responsibility to consistently innovate, experiment and challenge ideas and trends, so as to create a unique identity for our brand.

    Painting visions of ephemeral fashion, we introduce a collection of versatile ethos for the ever changing, everyday space. Rich textures and a play of vibrant colors, our trendy latest chapter - Casual Wear, whispers luxury and flows into indigenous embroideries, sumptuous tassels and lace and fluid silhouettes. Like an impulsive rendition of a dreamscape, is driven by the the immediacy of the modern times, that delves into creating rich-looking but practical daywear for the modern woman.